I turned a passion into a career. My family and friends gathered and kindly announced that they will no longer spend their weekends going to open houses with me. Who knew? Doesn't everyone love to peek into other people's houses? Well I do, and I love architecture and design, but most of all, I love problem-solving and meeting new people. I believe that people want a home first, an investment second, and overall a great place to live, raise a family, or to retire. It is about the total experience, the fun stuff, where can you walk to, where can you eat, shop and of course the important stuff, where are the schools and dog walking parks, what is the traffic like and what are the city’s plans for your neighbourhood. I love Toronto and know it intimately. This, in turn, empowers my clients to make truly informed choices based on long-term goals, as well as day-to-day contentment. Previous to following this passion, I held senior positions in Corporate Marketing and Design Services. I leveraged my design and business skills. I worked with budgets large and small. I developed a talent for negotiating and project management. In addition, I learned the reward of customer satisfaction. Whether you are starting out or thinking about getting out, I can help you with a more thoughtful approach